"Melissa’s creative skills were instrumental in the design of Enterprise Challenge, an experiential learning experience for students of the Marketing Program at Confederation College."


"As a lead coordinator of BizKids Camp, an experiential entrepreneurship learning program for youth, I witnessed Melissa’s creative energy that was used to motivate and support young entrepreneurs with their business ideas."


- Bryan MackayProfessor, Confederation College

"Melissa has a remarkable talent for creativity, with an eye for innovation and superb personal skills.  Melissa started a summer BizKids Camp in Thunder Bay in 2004 that provided youth from ages 9 – 12 the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship first hand.  Melissa was able to use her personal creativity to create workshops that were both entertaining and educational.  The program was hugely successful and is still offered today."

-Bruce Holm

Manager, Industry Liaison

Economic Development and Innovation Office

 Melissa started working for the NWO Innovation Centre in 2000 as a Youth Intern and we were excited to hire her as a full-time employee after her one year internship ended. Melissa is an exceptional person and an innovative business leader. During her time at the Innovation Centre Melissa not only provided her talents, innovative ideas and energy to supporting the growth of our client companies but her drive and initiative created successful new programs and services. One of which was our BizKids Entrepreneurial Summer Camp program. These camps were Melissa’s creation and started in Thunder Bay. They have spread throughout our region and continue to grow. BizKids has significantly impacted our region, the lives of countless children and our organization. This is just one example of Melissa’s impact, entrepreneurial thinking and innovative spirit.

-Judy Sander
Innovation Centre